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A new concept in parking solution, widely in use in Europe, US, Japan & Korea for many decades. The salient features of the Modular car park system are given below : 

  • As per this the cars can be parked in 2 levels almost doubling the capacity of the existing car park.
  • The structure involved is totally bolted enabling the relocation of it to a new location, if the need arises.
  • The total system is modular in nature and fully compliant to the green building concept.
  • A fully engineered system.
  • No need for any civil foundations therefore very less construction time and cost.
  • The area is not made into a car park for life and hence will not hamper your plans for that area in future. Hence easy to get statutory approvals
  • Very low capital investment.
  • No additional operating cost
  • Car parks designed by specialists, increasing its efficiency.
  • Hundreds of installations in different countries, including GCC.
  • Ground + 2 floors also can be designed for suitable sites.